Senior Health & Wellness with Lucia

Services: Fitness training, nutrition, massage therapy


Together, we can improve your mobility and overall strength to get you moving and keep you moving.  Let’s go!!


Age is just a number.  I learned to surf and skateboard after I turned 50. I am passionate about health and fitness and have been involved with helping others meet their goals for my entire career. 

With my Certifications as a Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist, plus Certifications in Kinesio Taping and Full Body Stretching, and a Degree in Physical Education and Nutrition studies, I can help you develop a plan for overall health, wellness, and fitness.


Benefits of exercise for older adults:

  • Maintain or lose weight

  • Reduce the impact of illness and chronic disease

  • Enhance mobility, flexibility, balance

  • Improve sleep

  • Boost mood and self-confidence

  • Improve brain function


Review:  "As a retired senior who was sedentary for 30 years, Lucia helped me to regain my mobility and overall health through fitness and nutrition training.  She is a grandma herself, but full of energy and enthusiasm. Highly recommended."

Margaret G, San Diego

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